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My Wildest Dreams

My Wildest Dreams Studio is the work of South Jersey artist Chiara Reading.  Combining her passion for stained glass the ocean and all things Nature, Chiara creates handmade stained glass pieces crafted to stimulate our Wildest Dreams.

Drawing inspiration from the powerful Agate stone, her renowned Nature's Brilliance collection is now being featured in galleries in over 25 states.  

All wholesale inquiries can be found here and be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram!

Share our dreams

Each piece is designed, crafted and prepared by hand with love by artist Chiara Reading.  We work with fine galleries and gift shops all over to share our Wildest Dreams with you. 

Nature's Glory


Each piece is carefully designed  by Chiara


Each piece of glass is handcut, ground and wrapped in copper foil


Copper foil is then prepped with flux that allows the solder to adhere to the copper foil

Clean & Polish

Each piece is then cleaned and polished by hand and with love!

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